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Hello, my name is Juliette Sallin and I am the founder of the illustration studio Gang of Freyja, based in Switzerland.

I do paper cut and collages that express our playful relationship with Nature and the Magic of Life.

Who is Freyja and why a gang?

According to the Norse mythology, Freyja is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Her magic is deeply connected to the natural realm,

like her coat made of falcon feathers that allows her to fly wherever she wants, or her necklace made of gold and amber that makes her irresistible.

Freyja is for me the embodiement of an echanted living, connected with the environment and the magic that pervades everything.

I like to think of my paper cuts as tiny treasures that reveal a secret we all carry deep inside: our innate relationship with our world is lighthearted and sensuous.

For me, Nature not only includes plants, animals, and minerals, but also the things we don't name: the smell of fresh leaves crushed between our fingers, a tingle of excitement when we hear the birds singing at dusk.

All these little delights become bigger when they are felt and shared, so this is why my design studio is also a gang, where I share the goodness through my e-shop, commissions and freelance works.

For enquiries or simply to say hello you can write me at info(at) or fill in the form here. I can't wait to hear from you!