"Sanctuary Paper" Cut Out, Framed

"Sanctuary Paper" Cut Out, Framed

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Deep within us there is a place that is always safe and peaceful. It's the place where we plant beautiful ideas and comforting thought like seeds in the earth.  We can have access to it whenever we need to. It's our inner sanctuary, our inner garden.

The paper collage measures 18 x 24 cm and comes in a wooden frame of 21 x 27cm. The frame has a internal depth of 2,5cm and is especially suitable for paper cuts collage: by not flattening the art piece it let us appreciate its three-dimensionality in full.

This sweet art piece would look lovely in any room in your home. A perfect idea for a house warming present, a wedding gift or just to treat yourself.

special Christmas gifting season: READY TO BE SENT IN 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS

 Please note that the colors and composition may vary slightly. Each piece is painted, cut and assembled by hand and is never 100% identical. 

If you have any question regarding the product or you would like additional pictures , please contact me here.

Designed and made in Switzerland by Juliette Sallin

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